Dealing with Credit Scores and Interest Rates

The first few times you run into credit scores, interest rates, and APRs in your life, it probably has something to do with your credit card. If you’re carrying a balance of a couple thousand dollars on a card, you’re often looking at maybe $10 per month is the difference between a 15% and a 20% APR. But home buying is different. The amount of money floating around when a home is purchased can be in the six or even seven figures–over a million dollars. Even a few fractions of a percentage point can add up quickly and cost you hundreds extra per month.

Credit Options
Luckily, you have options. If your Credit Score just needs a little repair, you can make a couple tweaks and save thousands on a home. You’re unlikely to get advice like this from most title companies, who get paid more when your interest rate is higher. There are ways for home buyers to fight back against the policies that bleed them dry when trying to afford a house, and credit repair is the first step. Along with buyer-friendly policies like the Butler Rebate, home buyers can find ways to afford their dream house.

Credit Repair
Credit Repair is a complicated concept, and it doesn’t always work exactly the way it seems like it should. When focusing on bringing your credit score up, it’s important to consult a group of professionals who know the ins and outs of the system. Pujol Law Group is a real estate attorney group who proudly provide full Title and Closing services. With over 8,500 properties closed, Pujol Law Group is no stranger to South Florida real estate. Unlike others in the industry that you may work with, Pujol Law Group is happy to have their experts chip away at your credit issues, bringing your score up to something you’re happy with. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re interested in a consultation about our credit repair services.

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