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Applications for Florida Hardest-Hit Fund Programs has closed. If you are already in the application process, please contact your assigned adviser for additional information. If you need further assistance please call the toll-free HHF Information Line at 1-877-863-5244. Thank you.


There are a lot of resources available to help homeowners keep their home in today’s economy.  You may feel lost and unsure of your options at this point, and we want you to know that Pujol Law Group is here to help and guide you through possible alternatives.

Luckily, the federal government has allocated funding to assist eligible Florida homeowners whose home values are less than the amount you owe your lender(“underwater”). You may be eligible for this assistance, and Pujol Law can help you get it. To qualify, homeowners must owe at least 125% more on their home than its current market value. Does this sound like you? Call us to be sure.

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If you are eligiable for the The Florida Hardest-Hit Fund Principal Reduction (HHF-PR) program, you could be provided up to $50,000 to an eligible homeowner(s). This assistance will help reduce the principal balance of the homeowner’s first mortgage. The program is available in all 67 counties in the State.

To find out if you qualify for assistance, please visit the HHF official website at to review eligibility criteria and to apply; please use Referral Code 89271 when completing your application.

For further questions contact the Hardest-Hit Fund Toll-Free Information line at 1-(877) 863-5244, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m


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PUJOL LAW GROUP is the only law firm in Miami which is an approved HHF Advisor Agency, and has processed in excess of 7,500 HHF applications. After reviewing HHF program benefits/guidelines and eligibility criteria on the official HHF website, you may contact us for a pre-screening at: (305) 447-0059