Blended Families


Protecting those you love from conflict.

You love your family.

You want to ensure things are as easy as possible for them when the unimaginable happens to you.

Something really important to think about:

If you are a blended family and either you or your spouse have children from a prior marriage, there is no way around it – you must plan ahead to keep the people you love out of court and conflict and give yourself and them the peace of mind you both deserve.

No matter how close or friendly you think your spouse and your children are, there is simply an unavoidable and inherent conflict among them upon your death.

The great news is that this conflict can be mitigated and you can ensure that the people you love most will all be well taken care of with the most ease possible.

You can even take a proactive approach, which Pujol Law will guide you through to minimize the potential conflict and internal tension if and when something happens to you.

But it doesn’t happen by itself.

It does take planning, and we are well-trained in planning for the needs of blended families.

If you are in a blended family, schedule your Family Planning Session and we will look at the possibilities together to have what you own passed on to whom you love with the least amount of conflict and aggression if and when something happens to you.

Then you are informed, educated, and empowered to make the right planning decisions for the people you love.

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