Planning for Your Children

“Did you know that 60% of parents haven’t named guardians for their kids? And of the 40% who have, have made mistakes they are not even aware of.

Schedule a Family Planning Session with us guardianship attorney in Miami, so we can fix those mistakes with you.”

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Having a Will Alone Simply Does Not Ensure the Care of Your Kids If the Unimaginable Happens to You!

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If you are a parent of minor children who are counting on you, your estate plan should ensure your children will always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens.


At Pujol Law, Miami guardianship attorneys, we protect the children you love. We help plan for your children as well as any special needs they have, as soon as they’re born until they’re 18. If your child has a special need, we can plan for that too, into adulthood. You can solve that issue guided by one of our child custody lawyers near you

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Without Proper Planning, Here's What Could Happen

Your children could potentially be placed into the care of strangers if something were to happen. Even with a will and living trust in place, authorities may still need to figure out what is best for the child. No one wants their children cared for by someone they do not know.

Your children could be put into the custody of a family member. Although the family member may have good intentions, they may not be suitable to raise the kids.

A judge who doesn't know your family can make the decision on who will raise your children. The selected guardian may not be someone that you would have chosen yourselves.

Your family could face a lengthy custody dispute.There may be challenges to the guardians designated by the family.

Probate in Florida can tie up assets for years and lead to losses of up to 5% of their value. This process can deprive your children of the resources they need in life.

When your children reach the age of 18, they are entitled to any remaining assets. This is regardless of their level of maturity or if they have had a chance to learn financial lessons yet.

Unscrupulous individuals can access public court records to identify when 18-year-olds receive inheritance checks. These individuals use this information to take advantage of unsuspecting people. It is important for those receiving an inheritance check at the age of 18 to be aware that their information may be accessible in public records and could make them vulnerable to exploitation.

Estate planning attorneys typically do not consider the perspective of parents when creating a plan. Most fail to address issues that are important from a parent's point of view.

Yes, these things scare us too. That’s why we offer Pujol Law Kids with every estate plan we do for families with young children.


At Pujol Law Kids, we know leaving your children to someone is an important and difficult process. Pujol Law Kids was designed to ensure you have everything that you need – documents, instructions, estate planning tools, and even a wallet card for emergencies – are in place. This way it prevents Child Protective Services or strangers from making decisions about your kids’ future. Let our custody lawyers give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your children so that your children are never taken out of a loving home environment against your wishes.

Protect your kids now with a guardianship attorney in Miami. Don’t wait. Contact Us!

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How to best choose guardians for your children?

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