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You are the main character in your unique estate planning.

​Before hiring an Estate Planning Attorney, understand the difference.

Many of the typical estate planning attorneys take a “one-size-fits-all” approach with their clients. They “cookie cutter” the process so that they can work with as many people as possible in a short period of time.

About Pujol Law: Your Miami Estate Planning Attorney

Miami Estate Planning demands a personalized approach. At Pujol Law, we don’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We understand that your needs are unique, and your plan should reflect that.

Why Work With a Miami Estate Planning Attorney from Pujol Law?

Many estate planning attorneys in Miami prioritize quantity over quality. They churn out generic plans that may leave your family vulnerable in the long run. At Pujol Law, we take the time to listen to your Miami estate planning needs and craft a customized plan that protects your loved ones and your assets.

Pujol Law does not believe in an impersonal approach, as this way of planning may lead to unintended results for your family’s future, especially your children.

Consequences When Your Estate Planning Attorneys Don’t Listen

  • When lawyers do not take the time to listen and consider your unique personal circumstances, your plan may not reflect what you and your family want to happen or might think will happen.
  • When there is no regular plan review or updating, your plan quickly becomes outdated and may not work when your family needs it most.
  • Even though you may pay less upfront to get a standard set of documents (even if the documents might feel customized for your family), things end up much more expensive in the long run.
  • You could leave your family at risk of having to deal with an expensive, unnecessary, and public court process during a time of grief. This process may take months, if not longer, and your family may experience a financial hardship they may not be able to overcome.

We Listen

Pujol Law is right for you if you want to know that your plan will work when you and your loved ones need it the most.

If all you want is a set of legal documents, there are plenty of online resources you can use to create them, or you can go to a traditional estate planning lawyer.

If what you want is to know you have a plan in place that will work when your family needs it, Pujol Law is right for you.  This plan will keep the people you love out of court and out of conflict and will keep your assets out of the hands of the government.

Here Are Some Of The Ways We Are Different From Most Other Estate Planning Lawyers

  • Our fees are fixed fees agreed to in advance. You choose the planning level and fees, so there will be no surprises.
  • ​Pujol Law will keep you informed and ensure your plan works when needed. We do not just prepare a set of legal documents for you and send you on your way. 
  • We review your plan at least every 2 years for all clients and encourage our clients to contact us if they experience any life changes (death, marriage, or divorce etc). When planning with us, your plan will keep up with those changes and work when needed the most.
  • ​We have a process for ensuring that your assets are titled correctly, both now and over your lifetime.
  • ​We help you get your legal and financial house in order by helping you make smart choices about family, children, assets and your business.
  • We have Pujol Law Kids to protect your underage children and assure that they will never be raised by strangers in the event of the unimaginable. If you are looking for a guardianship attorney, Pujol Law can help.
  • More than passing on monetary wealth, we offer planning for passing on family values, stories, videos, pictures and heirlooms. We walk you through a process to help you transfer your most important personal wealth to your loved ones, including your intellectual, spiritual and human assets – who you are and what’s important to you.

Before you choose another typical estate planning lawyer, please call Pujol Law to discover why we are different from the rest.

Invest in Your Family’s Future with Pujol Law

Don’t settle for a generic estate plan that leaves your family vulnerable. At Pujol Law, we take a comprehensive and personalized approach to ensure your wishes are met and your loved ones are protected. We offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Miami Estate Planning Attorney services
  • Probate Avoidance Strategies
  • Family Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning

Contact a trusted estate planning attorney in Miami today. Schedule a consultation and discover the Pujol Law difference.

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