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10 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of protecting your financial future and ensuring that you can pursue your goals with security. As anyone approaching retirement …

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Understanding the Legal Differences Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Florida

When it comes to real estate, there are two distinct types of property you can purchase: commercial and residential. Even though they are both classified …

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Florida Wills and Trusts: Why You Should Get One

Florida Wills & Trusts: What They Are and Why You Should Get One  Putting a will or trust in place is an important step in …

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5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Estate planning is a process that everyone should go through. It allows you to take control of your assets and plan for what will happen …

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Estate Planning in Miami: GoFundMe is NOT an Estate Plan

You’ve more than likely seen it all too often, a friend passes away and their loved one drops a GoFundMe link into a Facebook post. …

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