Married with Children

family sitting together

You can trust Pujol Law.

With Pujol Law, you can feel confident that your family’s future is secure. Estate planning for married couples with children brings added complexity – from ensuring your spouse would be able to make decisions on behalf of yourself in the event of incapacity, to making sure your assets are designated correctly and passed down securely through generations. At Pujol, we ensure that even the youngest members’ futures will be taken care of too.

Straightforward, right?

Even for relatively straightforward family arrangements, probate court cases due to assets in dispute can be extremely common. To ensure your loved ones avoid any potential heartache or conflict during a time of incapacity or death – not forgetting the loss of critical estate documents – it’s vital to keep all necessary information organized and up-to-date. Let us help you make sure that nothing ends up with the state department of unclaimed property if something gets overlooked when you’re no longer around.

Additionally, having a blended family introduces unique challenges when planning for the future. Without proper estate planning, your loved ones could end up in court and conflict – something we can help you prevent. Your wealth isn’t just about money but rather providing peace of mind to those close to you. We’ll make it easy on your time so that protecting them is hassle-free; click here to see just how easy it is ​to get started.

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