Real Estate Law

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At Pujol Law, our valued clients understand the significance of investing in a quality legal representative in real estate transactions. Making such decisions concerning valuable familial assets requires a real estate attorney in Miami. 

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Preparation of purchase or sale agreements

Contract negotiation

Residential and commercial lease agreements

Smooth and easy-to-understand closures

Mobile closings


Quiet title

Landlord-tenant disputes

Title Search & Title Insurance

Owning a property should be an issue-free process, which is why it’s important to undertake careful title searches and get insurance. A title search verifies the legal right of transfer from Seller to Buyer so that no one else can lay claim in future. Furthermore, any claims or ‘liens’ against the property must also be addressed before closing on purchase – providing true assurance for all involved parties going forward.

Real Estate Closings

Why do you need a Real Estate firm like Pujol Law?

Completing the real estate transfer process can be a daunting task. To ensure smooth sailing, it is important to have professional representation that will guide you through signing all necessary documents and making sure closing costs are paid in full. These papers may include things like Closing Disclosures, deeds of sale, mortgage agreements as well as notes if applicable – but with the right kind of help at your side, this journey will become much more achievable!


Are you considering refinancing your home loan? With it being 2022, the refinance process has undergone quite a few changes. From rising interest rates to inflation impacting borrowing options, homeowners must take extra care in making sure that their choice is sound. Pujol Law can assist with any questions or concerns and offer qualified legal advice – all at no cost! Before signing off on anything make sure you know exactly what kind of costs are associated with closing out an old mortgage and getting started on a new one. Get informed today; get help from Pujol Law when preparing for your next big move!

Reverse Mortgage

As you age and your expenses increase, considering a reverse mortgage may be beneficial. This type of loan allows senior citizens to access the equity in their homes as cash that can improve their lifestyle and reduce financial stressors. However, it’s essential for seniors or their heirs to leverage experienced legal counsel when making this critical decision. Pujol Law understands how best to protect everyone’s rights while ensuring an informed choice is made about whether a reverse mortgage would benefit them specifically.

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